PNC Connects the Job Seekers to the Jobs at the Spring Career Expo

It was a trip down memory lane for me as I walked across the campus of my Alma Mater, Purdue University North Central. I was headed to the Spring Career Expo with my fellow Lady LIFER Deanna Grimes. We were representing our company, Ideas in Motion Media at the PNC 2014 Spring Career Expo that took place at the Westville campus location.

Kristy Virgo, Career Adviser and Coordinator for PNC, was at the ready helping employers with any questions as well as helping job seekers navigate the Career Expo.

"This is an event where employers come to recruit for full-time work, part-time work, internships within the campus community and outside community," Virgo said. "We do two of these per year, one in the Spring and one in the fall...I think it's beneficial because it gives employers an opportunity to meet candidates face to face and they get to shake the had of someone they might hire in the future. Plus, it attracts the campus community since it's on campus and students will already be here. It's a great opportunity especially for those who are graduating this May and who are looking for a job."

The event began at 11am after all of the employers set up their tables sporting their company's wares and information. There were many great businesses there that students as well as alumni were able to interact with. 1st Source Bank was there. They offer a Corporate Management Training program that can get their employees on the right track to moving up in the corporate world. All Phase Electrical Supply was there as well. They have a Sales Training program that can help prepare future staff in representing the company in the best way possible. That's what brought All Phase Electric Supply to the Expo, in fact.

"We are trying to find good and talented people and this seemed like the best centralized location," Aaron Hurt, Manager for All Phase Electric Supply, said. "I am looking to fill an outside sales position. We are the supplier of choice for electricians in the area and I often recruit from job fairs like this. I've also attended job fairs from surrounding colleges like Valparaiso University and Purdue Calumet."

There were nonprofit organizations in attendance like the La Porte YMCA, the US Marines and the US Coast Guard were there, and larger manufacturing companies that do a lot within the local communities like ArcelorMittal and US Steel. ArcelorMittal has a Steelworker for the Future program that prepares college students through an associates degree program with in-class and on-the-job training. US Steel provides training for college graduates to help them prepare for advanced positions throughout the company.

Izzy De Jesus was at the Expo as a representative for US Steel. He runs the Safety Training Division at the company so he deals with new hires and anything safety related.

"I'm a Purdue graduate so I was happy to come to this. I've done a few of these Expo's already so it's always fun to come and hang out and talk to the students," De Jesus said. "Having recent graduates come work for US Steel provides a fresh look at things and new ideas and we have an older workforce that needs to pass on their knowledge to the younger generation. I enjoy this because sometimes I can give students help if I see something that could be improved on in their resume. As a Purdue grad I feel responsible for helping them so that they can all do the best that they can."

Deanna and I met many promising job seekers with bright futures ahead of them. One young woman, Gretchen Albiez, made her way to our table as well as others as she sought different job opportunities that were available to her.

"I would like an entry level position that I can apply my skills to," Albiez said. "I think that so far this Expo has been great. Everyone is very friendly and I enjoyed it."

We all did. PNC did an excellent job organizing the event and many employers connected with job seekers, so the objective was achieved! Ideas in Motion Media will be back for future Career Expos, so if you missed this one, check us out at the next one!

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