PNC Curriculum Revisions Benefit Students

By: Purdue University Northwest Last Updated: May 11, 2012

Purdue University North Central has implemented key curriculum revisions that will establish a streamlined path for students earning their bachelor's degrees.

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After much work by the faculty, a common 30-credit hour general education curriculum has been adopted for all PNC baccalaureate degree programs, thus making it possible for a student to change majors and not "lose" credit hours for any general education classes already taken.

The Faculty Senate also approved modification of most bachelor's degrees to require 120 credit hours to complete.

Previously, PNC required student to earn up to 129 credit hours to receive a bachelor's degree.

As a result of these actions, students will save money on tuition and should be able to complete their degrees in a more timely manner.

"These decisions open many new opportunities for PNC students," said Dr. Karen Schmid, PNC vice chancellor for Academic Affairs. "Many of our students will now be able to change majors with the knowledge that their general education credits will shift to their new program, keeping them on track to earn their degrees. Our faculty members worked hard to implement landmark changes while ensuring that Purdue North Central maintains its academic rigor and standards that Purdue University students have come to respect," she added.

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