PNC Faculty Members Author Engineering Textbook

PNCTwo Purdue University North Central faculty members recently authored a textbook that is now being used in more than 20 universities across the nation and abroad.

Dr. Li Tan, associate professor of Electrical Engineering and Dr. Jean Jiang, assistant professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology, collaborated on "Digital Signal Processing: Fundamentals and Applications" Second Edition, published in February. The professors released the first edition in 2008.

Tan and Jiang have taught, conducted research and worked in industry in the area of digital signal processing for more than 25 years. Their collective knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject motivated them to write a text that covers both theory and applications that would become a valuable learning tool for students.

The text is already in use at schools that include Princeton University, Prairie View Texas A & M University, The Citadel, Tuskegee University, University of Twente in The Netherlands and Sultan Qaboos University in Muscat, Oman. PNC has used the first edition since 2009 and the second edition will be used in Digital Signal Processing coursework in the Electrical Engineering program to be offered in spring 2014. Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne began using the text in the fall 2012 semester.

Tan noted that he and Jiang share their knowledge and experience with their students.

"We plan to guide our senior students through their research and related work in Digital Signal Processing related areas," he explained. "Students definitely benefit from our expertise in teaching and research. Many of the teaching and research ideas that we present stimulates our students and raises their curiosity. This ultimately gives students an advantage as they apply their knowledge in their careers."

The authors began work on their text's first edition in 2002 and took five years to complete it. During this period, the materials were tested in classes taught by Tan and Jiang. Work on the second edition began in 2011 and took two years to finish.

Accomplished researchers and writers, the pair have co-authored three books, two book chapters, 12 journal paper, and 12 conference papers.