PNC Inducts International Business Honor Society Members

By: Purdue University Northwest Last Updated: October 28, 2009

Purdue University North Central College of Business will induct its first members into its newly formed chapter of the Sigma Beta Delta International Business Honor Society on Nov. 17 at 6 p.m. in the PNC Library-Student-Faculty Building Assembly Hall, Room 02.

Sigma Beta Delta was created 10 years ago. Sigma Beta Delta was created as a business honor society for institutions with regional accreditation. Today it has more than 248 chapters in 46 states; with one international institution. PNC was granted its chapter in April. Through Sigma Beta Delta; PNC faculty have the ability to grant international recognition for the outstanding academic achievements of students in the College of Business. PNC is the first and only chapter of Sigma Beta Delta International Business Honor Society in Indiana.

The society encourages and recognizes scholarship and accomplishment among students in the College of Business and encourages and promotes aspirations toward personal and professional improvement and a life distinguished by honorable service.

Candidates for bachelor and masters degrees in the College of Business who rank in the upper 20 percent of their class at the time of invitation to membership may be inducted into membership following completion of at least half of the degree program enrolled. While almost 300,000 students receive bachelor's or master's degrees in Business each year, only 4,000 are inducted into lifetime membership in Sigma Beta Delta International Business Society.

The PNC students earning earning invitations to membership for the 2009 - 2010 academic year are Undergraduate Students:

Rebecca Ann Adams, Portage;
Samantha Lynn Bagwell, New Carlisle;
Anthony Joseph Baker, Valparaiso;
Mathew N Barbur, Valparaiso;
Wendelin Jo Wild Blanton, Hobart;
Maria A Blumenfeld, Michigan City;
Virginia M  Borolov, Michigan City;
Devin Alex Bos, La Crosse;
Erik Gerald Bross, Valparaiso;
Anthony Joel Butler, Chesterton;
Michele E Button, Valparaiso;
Thomas J Covert, New Buffalo;
Lorissa Ruth Cox, Chesterton;
Ricky I Curtis, Walkerton;
Matthew Benjamin Downs, San Pierre;
Kara Lynn Nobile Ellis, Crown Point;
Marsha L Nettles Eriks, Portage;
Felicia Fay Bush Goufas, LaPorte;
Stephanie Marie Hailey, Valparaiso;
Alison Maree Herbst, Kingsford Heights;
Ashley M Hofecker, LaPorte;
Kimberly Kay Holland, Portage;
Patricia Ann Feller Houlihan,  Valparaiso;
Carrie Ann Hoyt, Valparaiso;
Marta L Huddleston, LaPorte;
Ying L Jarosak, Chesterton;
Kori Beth Kasten, LaPorte;
Tiffany M Kedziora, Merrillville;
Kathryn Elizabeth Koenig, Valparaiso;
Stephanie Terese Kuziela, Westville;
Nicole Ann Kars Leckrone, Valparaiso;
Jane Ellen LeCourt, LaPorte;
Adam Bryan Levin, Lowell;
Jordan E Lill, Valparaiso;
Zachery J Lindborg, Union Mills;
Nicole Rachel McBride, Knox;
James Ryan Mihalik, Valparaiso;
Nicholas S Mucha, Valparaiso;
Eric A Mueller, Valparaiso;
Craig Andrew Neidlinger, Michigan City;
Christian James Peters, Valparaiso;
Nicholas Joseph Rebich, Michigan City;
Jasmine Marie Reilly, Chesterton;
Marchele L Rogers, Michigan City;
Bradley Michael Rollins, LaPorte;
Christopher Michael Ross, Valparaiso;
Daniel James Rosselot, Valparaiso;
Edward Charles Scrivnor, Michigan City;
Marissa Kay Seegers, Valparaiso;
Ricardo  Serrano, Michigan City;
James Lloyd Shaffer, LaPorte;
Kristi Lee Stainko, Westville;
Tashia M Taschler, LaPorte;
Anna R Tennis, LaPorte;
Jeannette Kathleen Wood Thomas, Westville;
Kevin Michael Tolin, Hebron;
Aleah Rae Turner, Valparaiso;
Jeffrey Walter Uriadko, Hobart;
Tara Vanderground, Valparaiso;
Emily Kathryn Vargo, Valparaiso;
Lori Jean Mann Vazquez, Valparaiso;
Kristina Jean Wardrop, Valparaiso;
Stacey Lynn Wayberg, Medaryville;
Elizabeth Ashley Werner, LaPorte;
Rachel Ryne Werner, LaPorte;
Rachele Ann Wilken, Chesterton;
Kathryn Mary Winski, Chesterton.

Graduate Students are:
Matthew Ronald Daye, Chesterton;
Jennifer Lynn Dennington, Portage;
Heath Ryan Jenkins, Du Bois, Penn.;
Brian Jacob Konicke, Michigan City;
Jennie Lou Niksch, Westville;
Thomas Allen Poczekay, Westville;
Rebecca Ruth Regalado, LaPorte;
James A Vilga, Valparaiso;
Maureen Suzanne Zakutansky, Valparaiso.