PNC Math Club Presentation on Nov. 25

PNCThe Purdue University North Central Math Club will host the presentation, "Graph Colorings and Applications" by Dr. Gayla Domke, PNC associate professor of Mathematics, on Monday, Nov. 25, at noon in Library-Student-Faculty Building Assembly Hall, Room 02. The event is free and open to the public. Guests may bring a lunch or purchase one in the PNC cafeteria.

Domke notes that graph colorings have been studied for many years. Some of the applications of graph colorings that will be presented include map colorings, the famous four color theorem and scheduling.

She notes that a graph consists of a set of vertices and a set of edges where each edge is an unordered pair of vertices called the endpoints of the edge. A k-coloring of the vertices of a graph is a function from the vertex set to a set of k colors with the property that the endpoints of every edge must be colored with different colors. Similarly one may color the edges of the graph with k colors with the property that any two edges with a common endpoint are colored with different colors.

The PNC Math Club encourages persons of all interests who have a curiosity about Math to attend and learn more. Non-Math majors are welcomed. Questions are encouraged.

The Math Club meets throughout the academic year and sponsors discussions and informational presentations on various aspects of mathematics and related fields. All events are open to the public.

Additional information about this event may be obtained by contacting Togbe, at 785-5200, ext. 5458 or Persons with disabilities requiring accommodations should contact Togbe.