PNC Tuition Discount Program Tallies $100,000 in Student Savings

PNCPurdue University North Central students have already saved a collective $100,000 in tuition costs thanks to the PNC tuition discount plan. The discount is offered for the first time this fall semester, giving PNC students a 10 percent tuition reduction for each credit hour taken beyond 12 hours per semester.

Thus far, more than 1,600 of 3,170 students registered for fall semester - close to 54 percent - are taking advantage of the tuition discount option. These students are taking a total of 4,523 additional credit hours.

PNC fall semester classes begin the week of Aug. 25.

The discount plan is designed to provide financial incentives for students to increase the number of credit hours taken each semester and encourage them to graduate in four years.

"This tuition discount program is intended to keep our PNC students on their path to success," said PNC Chancellor Dr. James B. Dworkin. "I am encouraged to see that our PNC students are taking advantage of this tremendous opportunity. Our students realize that by completing just one additional three-hour class each semester, they will not only save a significant sum of money, but they will graduate earlier and start earning the income that comes with achieving a Purdue University degree."

A key to the success of the tuition discount program is the fact that students who earn 12 credit hours each semester will need 10 semesters, or five years, to complete a typical 120 credit hour bachelor's degree. By comparison, students who earn 15 credit hours each semester will be able to earn their degrees in four years, save more than $500 under the new discount plan and enter their chosen profession sooner.

A recent report issued by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education noted that students who delay completing their degrees pay more tuition dollars and lose potential wages and career opportunities.

"Earning an on-time degree will always be the best and most affordable path to college completion," said Indiana Commissioner for Higher Education Teresa Lubbers. "We commend PNC for removing a financial obstacle that previously stood in the way of students graduating on time."

Further information about the tuition discount program can be obtained by contacting 219-785-5505, or visiting