Poem of the Week: “Desire” by Pamela Gemin

By: Edward Byrne Last Updated: February 8, 2011

vprThe VPR Poem of the Week is Pamela Gemin’s “Desire,” which appeared in the Spring/Summer 2010 issue (Volume XI, Number 2) of Valparaiso Poetry Review. This poem also has been published in Poetry from Paradise Valley, an anthology of poems from the first decade of VPR, recently published by Pecan Grove Press.

Pamela Gemin is the author of two poetry books, including Another Creature, a finalist for the Miller Williams Prize. In addition, she has served as an editor of three poetry anthologies. Her poems and anthologies have been featured on NPR’s Morning Edition, All Things Considered, and Writer’s Almanac. She teaches at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

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