Poem of the Week: “Monsoon Theatre” by Anne C. Bromley

By: Edward Byrne Last Updated: July 13, 2010

vprThe VPR Poem of the Week is Anne C. Bromley’s “Monsoon Theatre,” which appeared in the Spring/Summer 2005 issue (Volume VI, Number 2) of Valparaiso Poetry Review.

Anne C. Bromley has had two collections of poetry published by Carnegie Mellon University Press: Scenes from the Light Years and Midwinter Transport. She is the co-translator from the Spanish and the Galician of Poems by Rosalía da Castro, published by SUNY Press. In addition, her work has appeared in numerous magazines, including California Quarterly, Carolina Quarterly, Colorado Review, Georgia Review, Indiana Review, Massachusetts Review, New Mexico Humanities Review, Partisan Review, and Prairie Schooner. She is also the author of children’s literature, including The Lunch Thief (Tilbury House Publishers), which has just been released.

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