Porter County Animal Shelter Announces Extension of Successful Homes For The Holidays Feline Adoption Program!

1PCAShomespostEXTENDEDEvery cat and kitten deserves a loving home this holiday season, and the Porter County Animal Shelter wants to be sure that they can find one so they have EXTENDED the very successful Homes For The Holidays Feline Adoption Program through January 11th. During that time, the adoption fee for ALL homeless cats and kittens at the Shelter will be slashed by 60% to just $20.

“The Homes for the Holidays program has been very successful, resulting in 91 feline adoptions,” stated Shelter Director Jon Thomas. “But, many of our loyal followers told us that the pre-Christmas time was just too busy to consider adding a new feline member to their family, so we are extending the program so that everyone will have to opportunity to participate!”

Even with the large number of adoptions, there is still a very wide variety of adoptable felines available. Each adopting family is provided with a spay/neuter certificate, if applicable, that is honored by most local veterinarians. All potential adopters must complete an adoption application which is subject to approval by Shelter staff. Most (but not all) of the adoptable cats or kittens can be seen at www.petfinder.com. Facebook users can view the adoptable cats and kittens on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/portercountyanimalshelter

The Porter County Animal Shelter is located at 2056 Heavilin Road in Valparaiso. Shelter hours are Noon until 6:00pm on Tuesday through Friday, and on Saturdays and Sundays from Noon until 4:00pm The Shelter is closed to the public on Mondays.