Porter County Career and Technical Center Train Depot Project Hosted its Groundbreaking Ceremony

Jon Groth, Principal/Area Director of Career and Technical Education, welcomed guests to the Groundbreaking Ceremony for Porter County Career and Technical Center with a warm smile and a friendly introduction. He began by reminiscing on the beginnings of the career center

The Porter County Building Trades Corporation prepares to move the historic Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired Prairie-style Grand Trunk railroad depot to the Porter County Career and Technical Center property just a few blocks away.

Educators and professionals across our region are recognizing the importance of career and technical education programs. The programs which are offered range from agriculture to information technology. The center offers students with opportunities that they wouldn't necessarily get in classroom setting. These classes stress the necessity of application, which makes these programs unique. Many of the students who do these programs end up working for big name corporations, such as Urschel Laboratories. Career center students make up for more than 10% of Urschel Laboratories' workforce in Porter County.

Senator Ed Charbonneau had nothing but positive things to say about both the expansion of the career center and technical education.

"Indiana's view on education from a legislative stand point is developing. We are keen on elevating the degrees one can get coming out of a career and technical center to prepare you into going into the work force," Charbonneau said. "We recognize that not everyone is made for college and that has finally sunk into us as a state. We're making some changes to really help in what Jon's doing. Three years ago we told Jon this couldn't be done, and he's proved us wrong!"

This new facility will offer many features that the current building does not. It creates room for new technology of all sorts that students can use during class on a daily basis. The relocated depot building will be located to the right of the current career center, parallel from the train tracks.