Porter County Commissioner John Evans Announces Openings For Poll Workers for May 8th Primary Election

By: Porter County Commissioner John Evans Last Updated: April 20, 2012

PollworkersPorter County Commissioner John Evans has announced today that poll workers are still needed to work at precinct polling places throughout Porter County for the May 8th, 2012 Indiana Primary Election.

Poll workers are critical to the honest and fair election process,” stated Evans. “It is a great way to fulfill an important civic responsibility AND make a little extra money.”

If you, or someone you know, is interested in working on election day as a poll worker, please call 219-465-3594 to be assigned to a Republican position or 219-465-3496 to be assigned to a Democrat position. The pay range for the day is between $110.00-$135.00 plus a meal allowance. All poll workers must attend a training class.

Interested persons can work in their own local precinct if positions are still open there, or they can work at any precinct in the County.

High school students age 16 and over are also welcomed,” explained Evans, adding that they will have to obtain an excused absence from their school office. “This is an excellent opportunity for our young people to learn more about the elections process, and most area schools will work with their students to grant the necessary absence.”