Porter County Expo Center hits the road with portable bar service

Porter County Expo Center hits the road with portable bar service

The Porter County Expo Center (the Expo) has been the center of celebration for decades. The timeless Valparaiso staple has served as the backdrop for many functions over the years from craft fairs, to weddings, but its timelessness does not hinder the venue from changing to meet the needs of its clients.

The Expo is one of the largest venues available in the Region, which means it has the unique opportunity to host large events such as concerts with plenty of room to breathe. The space, in addition to the competitive price, makes the Expo a worthy candidate for any large-scale event.

“We're comparable in price, but we're also probably the biggest facility in the area right now. In 2018 and 2019 the county remodeled the facility, so we've seen quite an uptick in fundraisers and weddings being hosted here,” Director Lori Daly said.

As times change, so does the Expo. When Daly saw a need for indoor concerts during colder months, the team came together to start a winter concert series to bring live music to the Region, even when temperatures may be less-than-ideal.

“We looked into hosting concerts in the colder seasons. We have the space inside to do it in the fall and in the early spring where there might be inclement weather and we can host it inside,” Daly said.

What truly sets the Expo apart; however, is the unparalleled service offered to every client before, during, and after an event.

“We're right by their side through the whole planning process making sure we have their needs met and clearly communicated to us. Then it comes down to us communicating those needs to the staff that's working on the event to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible,” Daly said.

This attention to detail is expertly executed in the Expo itself, but as barns and warehouses became a popular wedding location, the team decided to take its skills on the road and rolled out an off-site bar service.

“A few years ago, we identified the need for a portable bar service. We saw a lot of weddings start to go into barns and facilities that don't have their own liquor license, so we acquired an off premise catering permit where we can take our liquor anywhere in the state of Indiana,” Daly said.

The service has been a successful endeavor for the Expo. With competitive prices and top-shelf service, the portable bar is a great compromise for those looking for a different type of venue, but the same level of service for amenities.

Clients can choose from a variety of packages for the bar service. Each package is designed with the client in mind, and the Expo staff works with the client to determine the best package to purchase based on the event.
Whether it’s on or offsite, the staff at the Expo is equipped to help clients, organizers, and guests every step of the way.

“Myself and my staff are committed to great customer service, whether that's with the clients, the organizer, or the guests who are attending our event. We like to form a connection with the organizers because, in my opinion, that's going to bring them back every year. If they have a good experience when they come to a trade show or a wedding or a fundraiser, they're more likely to come back again for other events. Our goal is always that high-level of customer service that we try to give everybody,” Daly said.

To learn more about the Porter County Expo Center and its amenities, visit portercountyexpo.com.