Porter County Sheriff, David Reynolds, Promises Professionalism and Communication in New Term

Newly elected Sheriff, David Reynolds, has returned to his Porter County post after previously serving the community in the same position from 1999-2007. And, in this go round, Reynolds is focused on strengthening the communications, professionalism, and connections between the deputy sheriffs he leads, and the community they serve.

“My first term dedicated a lot of time to building the jail and the infrastructure,” Reynolds told Ideas in Motion Media. “Now, we need to focus on communicating with everyone in the community.”

Reynolds acknowledged that police officers, in general, have come under scrutiny in the news as of late, and that’s where his plan for increased communications and professionalism aims to make sure that law enforcement and citizens are working together, open and honestly, towards a common goal: to make Porter County a safer place for all.

And that includes not beating around the bush when it comes to recognizing, and taking on, some of the bigger issues that have surfaced since Reynolds last left the office.

One of the issues Reynolds plans to tackle is the increasing problem with drug abuse. And, while Reynolds admitted that curbing drug use in Porter County is “not an easy turnaround,” he promises to provide the resources and staffing necessary to ensure the department is doing all they can to fight it.

“We recognize the importance of fighting substance abuse,” Reynolds added. “And we are committed.”

But Reynolds’ plan at strengthening the community of Porter County doesn’t just stop at getting sheriff’s deputies more involved in working with locals out in the streets, it’s also in making sure they understand, every day, the importance of putting on the uniform.

After all, Reynolds, who has worked in law enforcement since he was 21, told Ideas in Motion Media that being an officer is more than just a job.

“It’s who you are that makes you want to get into law enforcement,” said Reynolds. “There’s something about getting involved and making a difference that gravitated towards me.”

Helping others has always been in Reynolds’ blood, and he wants to make sure the county of Porter knows that the Sheriff’s office is on their side. In fact, Reynolds held a swearing of all his deputies and jail officers Friday, Jan. 16, as a reaffirmation to the community that himself, and his staff, understand the responsibility of “wearing the badge,” and the difference they can make in Porter County.

After all, as Reynolds puts it, “the common denominator (of good law enforcement) is knowing how to talk to people in the community.”

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