Porter County Tennis Group Calendar – May 2012

By: Scott Garrison Last Updated: May 1, 2012

So far, this spring has given us some weird weather! Hopefully we will start to see better TENNIS weather this coming month.

Remember, because we play second fiddle to each location’s teams, if they change their schedules, we get bumped off. Also, inclement weather will keep us off the courts.

8 am – High 3.5 players and 4.0 players

MondayApril 307 pmVHS
SaturdayMay 5th8 amVHS
MondayMay 7th6 pmVU
SaturdayMay 12th8 amVHS
MondayMay 14th6 pmVU
SaturdayMay 19th8 amVHS
*MondayMay 21th6 pmVHS
SaturdayMay 26th8 amVHS
MondayMay 28th6 pmVHS

MONDAYS ARE MOVED TO 7 PM BECAUSE OF THE MIDDLE SCHOOL TEAM’S PRACTICES – *But after May19th the Middle School will be finished.

VHS Valpo High School
VU Valpo University (park in SOUTH LOT or you will get a TICKET)