Porter Health Care System Celebrates National Patient Transport Week, December 12, 2014

Porter-Health-Care-System-Celebrates-National-Patient-Transport-Week-12-12-14Porter Health Care System recently celebrated National Patient Transport Week by recognizing the hard work of hospital-based transporters as they keep the facility in motion, transferring patients to where they need to be. “Porter’s Transport Department is constantly on the move, transporting patients from the nursing units to the various ancillary departments and back again,” shared Transport Manager Chris Tavaras. “We move patients who are admitted, discharged, or need tests and procedures in other departments. We will also move equipment when there is a need, such a surgery beds.”

According to Tavaras, transporters have a big impact on patients and strive to create positive interactions every time. “Our roles are obviously patient-focused; our transporters spend a lot of time engaging with the patients,” said Tavaras. “We’re involved with the care of the patient quite a bit. They trust us to deliver them to where they need to go, to get them there safely. And when a patient is discharged, we are the last impression this patient will have of the hospital.”

The department works closely with the clinical staff to help improve patient satisfaction. “By using Transport, we can reduce patient wait time and free up the clinical staff to take care of patients on the floors,” Tavaras continued. “We will get the patient to where they need to go so the clinical staff can concentrate on the other patients on the floor.”

Porter Health Care System has two hospital campuses and seven outpatient facilities serving Porter, Lake, LaPorte, Starke, Newton, Marshall and Jasper counties. With more than 350 physicians representing 50 medical specialties on the medical staff, Porter Health Care System is committed to medical excellence and personalized, patient-centered care.