Porter Health System New Land Acquisition Presentation (with photos)

By: Porter Regional Hospital Last Updated: October 19, 2009

Today, October 19, 2009, Jonathan Nalli, CEO of Porter, discussed the official closing on the new hospital land, the 105 acres at the intersection of US Highway 6 and State Road 49. The new site is over 8 times the acreage of the current location and will house a new hospital 1.5 times bigger than the present building.

The new hospital has been carefully thought out, taking care to address the current facility’s flaws. One of the major improvements will be an easier flow to the layout of the hospital, grouping similar departments together and making it easy to find where you need to go. The ER rooms will more than double in capacity and, to the joy of all patients, all rooms will be private!

The creation of the new hospital will also provide improvements to the local economic situation. 126 new jobs will be created by the end of the year, with 600 construction jobs over the total construction period, estimated to be around 24 months. Additional salaries lead to more money spent locally.

The building of this new facility is the first phase in planning. Other phases include the capability to expand the hospital if needed as well as landscape and put a path around the natural body of water that is located adjacent to the new building.

To view photos from the presentation, click here.