Porter Regional Hospital Center for Women’s Health Hosts Opening Reception

Cheryl Wallace, RN, BSN, Breast Care Coordinator at Porter Regional Hospital's Center for Women's Health beamed as she lead guests around the newly opened facility Tuesday evening. Walking into the space is more reminiscent of entering a spa than a hospital. Patients are welcomed to a softly-lit waiting area decorated tastefully with candles and floral arrangements, and stocked with bottled water and magazines to make their wait comfortable and enjoyable. Inside the treatment area the spa-like atmosphere continues. Wallace explained that privacy and comfort of patients were both important factors when planning the center. To accomplish this, the facility includes three dressing rooms complete with secure lockers for patients' personal items and even warm waffle robes and blankets to keep them comfortable. The dressing rooms connect directly to the mammography rooms, so there is no need for patients to walk around the facility in their robes. They even included a sub-waiting area inside the treatment area where patients can enjoy refreshments and watch television or read while they wait between tests.

While comfort and privacy were important goals for the center, the most important is complete care for the women they serve. Wallace's position, and really the whole center’s, was designed to provide comprehensive care to women.

"I am the go-to person for breast care patients in this facility," as Wallace said it.

She went on to explain that her job is to help her patients in all steps of their breast care process. Wallace is there to explain procedures, help scheduling, even sit in for tests to provide comfort and alleviate stress for the patients.

The facility also boasts all brand-new, state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the best care possible. In addition to traditional mammography, the center has the capability to provide 3D Tomosynthesis, the latest FDA approved testing method, which creates a clearer image for more accurate and complete scanning. The center also has ultrasound equipment, a stereotactic biopsy treatment room, and a radiology reading room. This means, upon request, it is possible for the radiologist, Dr. Lee, to read test results the same day they are taken.

The center's location inside Porter Regional Hospital means more efficient and effective communication between care providers and other doctors in the Porter Hospital system. Wallace explained that the proximity of doctors makes it possible for her to speak with them in person, rather than wait for emails or phone calls, which enhances the patient experience. Since the center is part of the Porter system it also makes testing processes faster.

“For instance,”Wallace said. "If we need additional views we have a standing order for that, so if your doctor is in our system we can just go ahead and do it."

Maybe the most surprising addition to the services offered is the education center located within the facility. In this area Wallace will be able to help patients use the Internet to learn more about tests, risks, and diagnoses. The patient experience is also enhanced by the proximity of other facilities, such as the infusion center located directly across the hallway, as well as the cafeteria and coffee shop inside the hospital, which is especially nice for patients who have to wait between tests or procedures.

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