Porter Regional Hospital Enlightens Guests at Sunrise Seminar

Riley's Railhouse in Chesterton was the setting of the monthly Sunrise Seminar that the Duneland Chamber of Commerce hosts. This month, Porter Regional Hospital was the sponsor and the topic was Reaping the Rewards of Workplace Wellness.

Before the presentation began, representatives from local businesses an community members mingled and ate from a delicious breakfast buffet provided by Strak & Van Til.

Dr. Jessica Haloskie, Medical Director of Health at Work for Porter Regional Hospital, spoke of workplace wellness and how it pertains to an employee's health risks, quality of life, personal potential and a company's bottom line.

Dr. Haloskie clicked through a PowerPoint presentation that showed statistics, charts, and other information that emphasized the importance of workplace wellness.

"Wellness programs can really be a benefit to both the employee and the company," Dr. Halosji said. "We are showing people how spending only $1 on wellness can help companies save up to $5."

"As we all have experienced, those days when you just feel crummy and sick, it takes a toll on your job performance," Roberta Tuft, Corporate Health Consultant for Porter Regional Hospital said during the presentation. "And taking care of those small health issues before they become large ones can really help you and your employees health and boost productivity." 

Companies can easily take part in the services that are offered from Porter Regional Hospital to ensure the health and well-being of their employees. Workers Compensation Comprehensive Injury Care, Pre and Post Employment Services, On-site Occupational Health Services, Urgent Care Locations, Corporate Health Services, and Free Health Risk Assessments are the services that companies can take part in. Customizable programs that fit the budgets and needs of each company can be created so everyone can get the care that they desire.

Studies show that companies that take part in Workplace Wellness Programs see increases in productivity and employee satisfaction and decreases in absenteeism and medical costs.

"Our members like to present on what they think is important and relevant at this time," Beth Luncsford, Marketing Director for the Duneland Chamber of Commerce said. "This is a great presentation for small and large businesses that don't have wellness programs in place already so this will give them ideas as to how they can implement these programs into the workplace."

For more information on Occupational and Corporate Health Services that Porter Regional Hospitals offers, click here.