Porter Township Schools Update: 2016 ISTEP+ Assessments

porter-township-schools-logoThis week marks the beginning of ISTEP+ Assessments for this school year (and we just got our pass/fail results from last year in January). We have several windows of testing ahead:

  • ISTEP+ Part 1 Applied Skills (grades 3-8, 10) from February 29-March 11
  • IREAD3 (grade 3) from March 14-March 18
  • ISTEP+ Part 2 Multiple Choice (grades 3-8, 10) from April 18-May 6
  • End of Course Assessments (BGHS) from April 25-June 1

It is new this year that 10th graders are taking the ISTEP+ Assessment in English/Language Arts, Math, and Science. This is a transition time where our high school students must take the ISTEP+ and the End of Course Assessments. To help you understand this thinking from Indiana Lawmakers, here is an excerpt taken from the Indiana Department of Education Website: