Porter Township Schools Weekly Update, Strategic Planning: Facilities

porter-township-schools-logoLast year we worked on building a strategic plan for PTSC. Under the area of Finance and Operations one goal was as follows:

Goal Statement: PTSC will invest in our facilities and staff to optimize the quality of the learning environment and contribute to a safe and positive school climate.

When the committee worked to develop this goal, they landed on some specific areas of focus in looking at the learning environment and a safe and positive school climate--and that was at Porter Lakes Elementary School.

As you may know, Porter Lakes Elementary School is a wonderful building and has served PTSC well for many years. Porter Lakes has not had any major renovations since it was built. Additionally, with our focus on school safety, we must look at addressing the office location of the building. The staff has done a terrific job with cameras, monitors, door buzzers, and vigilance in screening visitors but we must look at the layout of the office in the building. Additionally, there are ways to increase energy efficiency that will lead to guaranteed savings for the district.

Right now we are asking the tough questions about how we can relocate the school office and increase energy efficiency for the building. Watch for more updates to come as we work to tackle these issues!