Porterfield Family Chiropractic details simple home exercises to treat pain and keep you fit

Porterfield Family Chiropractic details simple home exercises to treat pain and keep you fit

Chiropractic care is a popular choice for people looking to ease their bodies’ aches and pains, but it works best when paired with an active, healthy lifestyle. The COVID-19 pandemic has made getting to the gym or out to see your trainer difficult at best and impossible at worst, but according to Porterfield Family Chiropractic’s Dr. Ryan Porterfield, finding simple ways to exercise at home can go a long way to maintaining a healthy body.

“I have a couple of patients right now who are avid gym goers telling me even though they haven’t been able to go to the gym, they’re feeling stronger,” he said. “They’re staying active with their home gyms, sometimes working out even more. I just tell them if your body is functioning better, you can lift more.”

For those without the benefit of a home gym, there’s often no need to buy new equipment to augment your workouts – you might find what you need in your kitchen.

“It’s easy to take something out of your pantry that weighs maybe two or three pounds, and incorporate it into your workout,” Porterfield said. “Pair that with some of your basic exercises and it helps a lot.”

Porterfield noted there is no magic exercise that will get everyone perfectly fit.

“It’s always case by case and person by person,” he said. “You need to develop a strategy that works for your own body.”

Many of Porterfield’s patients visit him to treat their lower back pain, and there are any number of exercises that can promote lower back strength. For example, if your back pain feels better when bending over, simple stretches like pulling your knees to the chest or bending forward while sitting can make a difference.

As with most healthy habits, the key to a successful exercise plan is routine.

“You don’t need much to get a workout in,” Porterfield said. “Most people aren’t looking to become Arnold Schwarzenegger, they just want to stay fit and toned. You just need to get your repetitions and stick to them.”

Porterfield’s chiropractic adjustments help correct the body’s imbalances and misalignments. Many of his patients enjoy working out after the corrections have set in, feeling increased range of motion and overall flexibility.

“Realistically, you need a few things to succeed in having a healthy life,” Porterfield said. “The biggest ones are sleeping well, eating, and exercise habits. All of this, paired with chiropractic therapy, helps keep the body functioning at its highest capacity.”

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