Porterfield Family Chiropractic Lends Relief During Pregnancy

Porterfield-Family-Chiropractic-2017 Pregnancy is an exciting time in a woman’s life. So much attention is given to the amazing experience, the knowledge that a human life is being formed, and the many milestones that she’ll be able to look forward to with her child. What is less exciting and doesn’t get a lot of attention, however, is the amount of stress and change a woman’s body must go through to support and deliver a child.

For many women, back and joint pain becomes a serious issue during pregnancy due to the increased weight the body carries. Additionally, a woman’s center of gravity shifts during the pregnancy, causing postural changes. Chiropractic care from Porterfield Family Chiropractic is one avenue to explore that may help alleviate many of the issues women experience.

“Getting adjusted during pregnancy helps to cut down a lot of the discomfort and also helps to make the body function better,” said Dr. Ryan Porterfield.

Dr. Porterfield works with many patients, but has noticed an increase in the frequency of pregnant women coming in for care.

“Within the last year and a half, I’ve had more pregnant patients seek out care than any other time in my career. It’s funny how things come and go, but I’ve had a lot more patients seek it out,” said Porterfield.

With the benefits chiropractic care can offer to pregnant women, it’s no wonder that more are coming in. Chiropractic care not only helps to correct issues of posture and alignment, but may also help with pelvic balance. Additionally, it may help with symptoms of morning sickness and nausea, all without using any medication!

The methods for adjusting during pregnancy don’t involve any drastic changes from regular chiropractic care, either. According to Dr. Porterfield, most women can lay on their stomachs until roughly the 22nd or 24th week of pregnancy, at which point he simply adjusts what he does to provide the same benefits safely.

“Basically, we would treat them like any other patient. I would do an examination, consultation, and a little more in my exam because I can’t take x-rays, but basically I treat them like any other patient,” said Dr. Porterfield.

Chiropractic care is something many utilize to help their body function better. The good feeling that results from a visit to the chiropractor can last longer than that of medication and provides relief from many different symptoms. Pregnant women can rest easy knowing that these same benefits are available and can be taken advantage of throughout their pregnancy. With so many positive benefits, it’s easy to see why more women are utilizing chiropractic care to help ease the symptoms and issues associated with pregnancy!

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