Prepare your home this holiday season with a deep cleaning by Brilliant Results Cleaning Service LLC

Prepare your home this holiday season with a deep cleaning by Brilliant Results Cleaning Service LLC

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Deep, seasonal home cleanings most commonly take place in spring. But the holiday season is also an ideal time for your home to get the TLC it deserves. Whether you are hosting out-of-town visitors or expecting a house full of guests for a party, there always seems to be massive hustle and bustle surrounding Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. In these situations, you want your home to sparkle, but there are probably some details you aren't thinking about.

“There’s more traffic than normal passing through the home during the holidays—spare bathrooms and bedrooms are used during this time, and a deep cleaning can get the home where it needs to be to prepare for these kinds of things,” said Mike Dec, owner of Brilliant Results Cleaning Service LLC.

Aside from guest spaces, the most frequently used rooms in your home can benefit from a cleaning at a time that is convenient to you. While photo frames, knick-knacks, and other home decor is being cleared off shelves to make room for garland, lights, and holiday-themed trimmings during the decorating process, scheduling a deluxe cleaning package appointment during this time is almost like killing two birds with one stone.

On the other hand, deep cleaning after the holiday season is just as effective.

“Along with cleared shelves and other surfaces in the home, a deluxe cleaning also clears away any Christmas tree pine needles left behind, glitter, and other decorating-related messes,” Dec said.

A great way to maintain a clean home during holiday liveliness is to invest in some weatherproof boot trays for each entryway of your home.

“The best mats to use during the winter have lips on them to prevents salt and water from spreading onto your floor,” Dec said. “Once salt spreads onto your floor, it can leave a very bad foggy-haze.”

Dec also said to be sure to vacuum your floors before mopping and use dry mop pads to effectively clear any salt left behind from winter boots or pets’ paws.

“It’s critical to run a vacuum over your floors before picking up the mop. We also use washable, microfiber, replaceable mop pads in order to always have a clean, dry surface when dealing with salt,” he said. “Wet surfaces, such as your typical mop and bucket, will only spread the salt around on your floor.”

To schedule your holiday deluxe cleaning service with Brilliant Results Cleaning Service LLC, head over to their website and fill out a request form so the Brilliant Results team can effectively answer any questions you may have. Interested clients are also welcomed to call (219) 476-9355 to get a quote on cleaning services.