Prescription Drug Drop Off Program Nets 1800 Pounds in 2014

valpopoliceThe Valparaiso Police Department in 2010 initiated a Prescription Drug Drop Off program. The program was designed for community members to be able to properly and safely dispose of their many prescription medications. Every year since the beginning of the program the amount of prescription drugs disposed of has increased.

In 2014 a record 1800 pounds of prescription drugs were dropped off at the Valparaiso Police Department for disposal. This brings the total amount of prescription drugs properly destroyed by the police department (since 2010) to nearly 6000 pounds. This program keeps the prescription drugs out of the environment (water supplies, ect) but more importantly keeps prescription drugs out of the hands of individuals that could abuse the drugs, in many cases teenagers.

Individuals can drop off prescription drugs in the large blue box to the immediate right when you walk into the police station’s lobby. Drugs can be dropped off 24 hours a day, any day.

There are a few items that cannot be dropped off, they include inhalers and needles. Both items cause issues for police. Most major pharmacies will now also take old prescription drugs. Which may be more convenient for individuals, when you re-fill a new prescription, take your old prescriptions for disposal.