Problems in Public Relations Gives Students Two Years of Experience in One Semester at Purdue University Calumet

Problems-in-Public-Relations-Gives-Students-Two-Years-of-Experience-in-One-Semester-at-Purdue-University-CalumetPurdue University Calumet’s 25th year of the Problems in Public Relations class pushes students to organize their own consulting firm and provides professional services to a local client.

“It provides the opportunity to apply all the concepts of communication and public relations through experiential learning,” the department head for communication and creative arts, Thomas Roach said.

Clover Connection Consulting, the student led consulting firm for this year’s class, will put Roach’s theory into practice by using what is known as the four-step communication process to conduct an audit for their client: research, plan, communicate and evaluate.

Roach also emphasizes that feedback and adjustment are essential in the communication processes within a company or organization.

“The task to complete a full communication audit within a two month span is unbelievable to think about, but it molded me into the well-prepared student I am today,” last year’s CEO Juan Carrasquillo said.

“Alumni have left after graduation and interviewed for jobs with two years of experience from one semester. The class allows students to “take ownership of his or her mistakes, delegate tasks, and operationalize communication,” Roach said.

Organizations interested in receiving a communication audit presented by Clover Connection Consulting, please call (219)-230-6501.