Proud Business Owner Brags about Employees’ Christmas Spirit

By: James Tudor Last Updated: January 4, 2010

James Tudor reported that on Saturday, 12/12/2009 (at 5:32 PM) a call came in that there was a fire in Portage and a building needed to be boarded up. Tudor Cleaning & Restoration Services responded and was on site in just over an hour. After learning that the victim, Joanne Murbarger, did not have insurance, Tudor employees decided to volunteer their time and materials to secure the victim’s property as well as the neighboring property that was also affected by the fire. (estimated value: $500.00).

Generosity was also displayed by Officer Chris Segard of the Portage Police Department who came to the scene to volunteer his services. “These are the acts of kindness that are done often by the Police and Fire Departments that usually go unmentioned” remarked Tudor. “It’s nice to help our neighbors”, stated James Tudor, President of Tudor Cleaning & Restoration Services, “and I couldn’t be prouder of my employees and to work alongside the responding Portage Police and Firefighters”.

Picture included is a picture of James Tudor of Tudor Cleaning & Restoration, and Officer Chris Segard of the Portage Police Department in front of the damaged mobile home