Proven Financial Leader

By: Horizon Bank Last Updated: June 24, 2013

horizon-building-laporteToday, Horizon offers a full range of banking, insurance, investment and trust services for its customers and the communities it serves.

Horizon’s impressive list of “firsts” continued to grow as it moved into the new millennium, including:

  • Offering the first adjustable rate mortgage in 1982 • One of the first 100 banks in the nation to offer a bi-weekly mortgage plan in 1987
  • The first Automated Loan Machine in 1995
  • The first bank in the nation to initiate an employee ownership program in 1985

Concerned and involved with the community

Though a bank’s success is often judged by its bottom line profits, Horizon makes reinvesting its profits in the community its first priority.

As a financial institution, Horizon’s role is to collect deposits from its customers, make sound investments and loan money to local entrepreneurs in an effort to support the economic development of the community. But the Bank’s mission goes far beyond our role as a bank. We have a responsibility to reinvest our profits in the community by supporting programs and services that make life better for our citizens.

Horizon employees are also encouraged to donate their time, talents and resources as community volunteers, allowing Horizon to invest deeply and on a personal level in the communities it serves.