Pumps Fitness of Valparaiso Presents Impact Training Camp Beginning in July 2015

By: Pumps Fitness Last Updated: June 23, 2015

Pumps-Impact-Training-Collage-2015Today’s demand on our High School student athletes increases the need for them to be ready for competition throughout the year. For this reason, we have developed our premier IMPACT TRAINING CAMP for Summer 2015.

Stage 1 – Total Body Workouts / Weeks 1&2 Training Camp: T & Th Noon – 2:00 pm (July 7,9,14 and 16)
This two-week break-in period will allow you to experience and master the fundamentals of the Impact Training Program which utilizes advanced training principles to deliver maximum results. Every workout begins with a thorough dynamic warm-up and exercises for your joints followed by resistance (strength) training using high-intensity, high-tempo interval style.

Stage 2 – Split Fusion Workouts / Weeks 3&4 In Season: T & Th Noon-2:00 pm (July 21,23,28 and 30)
During these two weeks you will train using plyometrics, in which you’ll learn how to build explosive power and move more effortlessly. You’ll then take high intensity interval training to the next level to build explosiveness. From there you will bump up your exercise volume allowing you to perform more work in less time, focusing on mental and physical strength to help push yourself to new heights.

Stage 3 – Split Fusion Workouts / Week 5 The Playoffs: T & Th Noon-2:00 pm (Aug 4th and 6th)
Now it is time to turn up the heat! You’ll be training at a very high level and incorporating every component of the program Dynamic Warm-Ups/Resistance, Strength and Balance Training/ Plyometrics and Power. This is where everything comes together, where your body and mind are truly ready to make an IMPACT!

Call 219-548-3480 or email pumpstrainingandpilates@gmail.com to reserve your spot.

Space is limited to the first 8 athletes.