Pumps Fitness September Spotlight: Bill Bernacky

BillMy name is Bill Bernacky and most of my good friends call me Capt. Fitness. I fell in love with fitness & exercise after watching Arnold’s first movie “Pumping Iron” on PBS when I was 11 years old. I grow up participating in everything from martial arts, football, wrestling, basketball & swimming. I am person who loved not just game time but the time in gym and on the practice fields. In fact, I loved fitness so much I even went to college and got my degree in Fitness & Exercise.

One might ask why would a guy with a degree in fitness need a place like Pumps Fitness? Answer…Injury. A life spent participating in sports, working on an Ambulance, the Fire Department and the Oil Fields have all have taken their toll on my body. I have suffered several injuries to my back throughout the years. The last injury was by far my worse, I blew out 3 discs in my back and I needed help. That’s why I reached out to Ian at Pumps Fitness. After reading Ian’s story and learning about his road to recovery I knew this was the place I needed to go to get that help. Walking in, the first thing I saw was the Pilates equipment which I have always been curious to try and boy have I not been disappointed! The main reason for this has been working with my Pilates Instructor, Mary Olsen.

Mary is not only an outstanding Pilates instructor, but her level of personal care and knowledge of the body is second to none. Mary took me from barely being able to stand upright, to moving pain free and able to return back to work in record time. Working with her on the Pilates Reformer and the Cadillac has put me in touch with movement patterns my body had long forgotten due to compensation from old injuries. This has been a life changing experience for me to say the least! It may sound crazy to say this…as painful as my injury was, it has turned out to be a good thing. It led me to Pumps Fitness and Mary Olsen. I can say that Pilates will be a staple in my life from this point forward. This would have not been the case if it weren’t for my time here at Pumps Fitness. Ian and Michelle have created an environment that is inviting and comfortable to train in. There is a sense of community within the walls of Pumps Fitness that sets it apart from the other gyms and training studios.

If anyone is ever on the fence about if they can overcome an injury, weight issues, a disability, or whatever your excuse is, just remember that there are only two things in your way…fear and ego. Once you let go of both you can accomplish anything.