Pumps Fitness Spotlight on La Donna Trapp!

Pumps Fitness Spotlight on La Donna Trapp!
By: Pumps Fitness Last Updated: June 1, 2017

“I look healthier, leaner and sculpted. I am happier.”

These words are in my “Personal Decree” that I wrote 5 months ago when I started at Pumps. Ian gave me homework that required me to outline my personal goals and write a short decree that I could read on a daily basis to keep me motivated.

Not only do I look healthier, leaner, and sculpted, I am happier and I have confidence in my ability to achieve my hopes and dreams. I have learned how to breathe and I have more energy than ever. My husband believes in me and we believe in the menu planning, including portion control, in conjunction with the exercise program!

My husband gave me the best Christmas gift ever…a six month training program at Pumps Fitness! Today, you can see the results in my muscle tone and my most recent achievement is I ran my best time ever in a 5K race! Ian’s training program has helped me gain muscle tone, strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, weight loss, sensible eating and confidence! What more could you want from a fitness program?

As I am about to go into month six, I have begun to lament that is nearly the end of my Christmas gift. But being a wise mentor, my husband is encouraging me by saying, “Keep going! Anything that helps you stay healthy and strong is paying you back.” Wise words, right? If you invest in being strong by supporting your joints, maintaining a healthy heart, losing weight through healthy menus, and gaining energy and confidence, you will spend less time with illness, injuries, lethargy, and that endless list of negatives that hold you back. That is priceless!

In the past, I have watched handicapped people pass me in races. My daughter offered to take my hand to help pull me up the last hill during one race in particular. I thought, how awful, not just for me but her too! I would not have my daughter held back and possibly embarrassed because I couldn’t pull it together to get my backside trained for a 3 or 5 mile race. My biggest concern was my breathing. I was so short of breath and was concerned of pushing myself too hard. I watched my times get slower and slower with each race I participated in.

Today my attitude is that I am in the right place to test the limits of my abilities when it comes to cardio endurance. At the first spring race this year I knew I could push myself and control my breathing, and I did breathe! Results? Three minutes off last year’s time! At my next training session after the race, I came in telling Ian, I am going to push it. I figure I am in the right place to do it. If I fall over your there to help me! He said, “Yes, we’ve got ya!” All I can say to that is, Awesome! After the race, my daughter congratulated me on my race time. My response was simple…I am just happy and healthy and I know that I don’t have to slow down as I get older.

I am far from done! I hope to lose a few more pounds even though I have moved my belt over three notches! Currently my daughter and I weigh the same and she is 30 years younger than me and looks great! I have goals for sculpting my legs. By the time October 1 rolls around I will be 60 years old and married 40 years. Then I think it will be the perfect time to proudly wear a beautiful Jamaican swimsuit!