Pumps Fitness Spotlight on LaDonna Trapp

Pumps Fitness Spotlight on LaDonna Trapp

I have been involved in education for most of my life, including acquiring a Bachelors degree majoring in Psychology at Valparaiso University while being a wife, mom and full time employee. My employment has most always revolved around education.

I had always wanted to learn what a Personal Trainer could do for me so when I came to Pumps Fitness and experienced a great work out with enthusiasm and a smile, dropping inches and pounds, I was convinced. Education in wellness/fitness is the wise choice for me.

As a Certified Trainer through the National Association of Sports Medicine, also holding an AFAA certificate in Metabolic training, and soon to be earned Certificate in Exercise Design For Seniors, my goal is to help individuals realize they can do it! There is an exercise program for everyone. My desire for my clients, is to give them a place where they can zone into a little “healthy me time” with no distractions and a little specialized attention.

When our daughter was just a little girl she asked me, “Mommy, how old will you get to be?” I told her not to worry, Mommy would live to be 100, and I meant it, to the best of my ability. Currently, the fastest growing age group in America is the 90+ age group. What if you become part of that age group? If so, are you going to get there to the best of your ability?

Will you invest in getting well or in being well? Imagine- being at the best of your abilities, so you can live well. I choose being well, at the best of my ability.