Pumps Fitness Spotlight on Michelle Northey!

Pumps Fitness Spotlight on Michelle Northey!
By: Pumps Fitness Last Updated: May 4, 2017

My name is Michelle Northey. I've been coming to Pumps Fitness for about 2 1/2 years. I found out about Pumps through a silent auction at my girls' elementary school. There was an option to bid on a package of three Pilates equipment classes with Pat. It turns out her granddaughters went to the same school as my kids!

I wasn't sure what to expect with Pilates as I wasn't very familiar with it and I had never heard of a Reformer or Cadillac. However upon meeting Pat and having my very first session, I was hooked! I loved the methodology of Pilates and the routine that Pat created for me to try. I had previously been doing private training at the YMCA with boot camp type sessions and I was burnt out. I was losing my motivation to exercise and the switch to Pilates reinvigorated me.

I very quickly fell in love with Pilates. Pat has continued to expand my routine over the years from beginner exercises to intermediate and now advanced. I love a challenge and she knows how to mix things up and continue to teach me new skills and exercises.

I'm not embarrassed to say I have become a Pilates junkie. I bring my own magazines, books and social media videos to show Pat what I'd like to learn next. She is great at helping me adapt them for my level. And she is always up for it, even when I say "Pat, don't freak out, I want to try this new exercise I saw on Facebook."

I have a busy life with a husband, three girls and two dogs! I work full time and have to travel for work every so often. Pat has been fantastic about accommodating my schedule.

We meet on average about two times a week. I love how strong my core feels and how I can see continuous improvement in my body even after all this time. I never get bored with Pilates. It is my "happy place" and if I have to miss a session, I feel it both physically and mentally.

Pat has clients of all skill levels. She is patient and professional. I really enjoy our sessions together and the friendship we have formed. Pumps Fitness is the only place in the area with a dedicated Pilates practice. It is bright and airy and feels like a Pilates boutique. I try to find a Pilates studio every time I travel for work to keep up with my practice. But the best one is right here at home in Valparaiso, Pumps Fitness!

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