Pumps Fitness Spotlight on Stephani Dujmovich

By: Pumps Fitness Last Updated: August 1, 2016

Stephani-DujmovichI have never been athletic or very coordinated; in fact, clumsy so no sports in school for me. I had been thin most of my life, but when I got to college I gained that freshman 15, which prompted me to get to the gym. I loved it not only for the physical gratification but also the social aspect.

Throughout the years I had continued to exercise consistently, and then in my mid 20s I started getting migraines. I found it very hard to get motivated and when I did, the workout usually ended in a painful headache. After a solid year of testing with doctors and no answers, I resolved that I probably would never be able to really push myself again physically.

I went many years with just light activity such as short walks, but never weight training. As I got older I learned that stress was a very real trigger for migraines. Then one day a friend suggested I try Pilates and that was it! For the first time in my adult life I felt relief. I felt strong again. I finally had an outlet that I could push myself in a safe way. I still get occasional migraines but nothing like before.

I feel very blessed to have found my Pumps family. It's not just my trainer who is full of knowledge which she shares every session, or our fearless leaders Ian and Michelle who make sure our gym is clean, cool and a positive environment, but it's the people that surround me while training that share their stories, lives and laughs. So many laughs.

Thank you for taking time to read this. Maybe it will give you or someone you know in a similar situation the hope they need.