Purdue Calumet, North Central Campuses to Prepare Plan for Administrative Unification

PNC-Purdue-CalPurdue University is moving forward with the preparation of a plan that would unify the administration of the university's two northwest Indiana campuses.

The effort stems from a joint proposal by chancellors Thomas Keon of Purdue University Calumet and James Dworkin of Purdue University North Central to collaborate on a detailed implementation plan for presentation later this year. The plan will preserve the two existing campuses, which are only 35 miles apart, but administrative and academic oversight functions would be consolidated into one central office.

"The chancellors' joint proposal reflects Purdue's continued emphasis on administrative cost savings to promote student affordability and accessibility," said Thomas Spurgeon, chair of Purdue's Board of Trustees. "We appreciate the initiative and the creativity of our two excellent chancellors in bringing this idea forward. The funds liberated by eliminating duplication and combining purchasing power can be reinvested in new faculty and stronger academic programs. Purdue is proud of these two campuses, and we believe they can serve an even greater future role in the economic and cultural life of their region."

Dworkin said, "Both campuses already have many strengths, but by working together closely we will be able to create an even stronger presence in the many communities which we serve. In the final analysis, we will be better able to serve our students, which should always be our highest priority."

Keon agreed, saying shared administrative oversight would strengthen both institutions and the entire area.

"Northwest Indiana is ready for a more enriched Purdue University with strong academic programs, strong faculty and quality students to enhance the community and economic development," he said. "By investing administrative costs in faculty, students and programs, we can build an 'expanded' vision of educational excellence for the region that will endure for years."