Purdue North Central Kicks Off Day Of Giving Campaign With Video Launch Party

On Wednesday, April 1, Purdue University North Central hosted a Day of Giving Video Launch Party at its Westville campus. The Launch Party was the first of several events that will be taking place in the month of April, which will culminate in Purdue’s Day of Giving on April 29, a 24-hour online event to donate to, and support, higher education. Donors can choose to give to whichever area at PNC they wish including: academic colleges, athletics, student services, the activities complex, or PNC will direct your gift to the area with the greatest need.

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To promote the Day Of Giving the university has had each of its four Purdue campus locations -North Central, West Lafayette, New Calumet, and Fort Wayne- create videos that get the word out to the community about how, and where, they can donate to help make the university stronger. At the end of the month, the campus with the most “shares” of their video across social media sites like Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram will win an extra $5,000 for their campus. The North Central campus created #iampnc to show people how to share, and to go along with their video when it’s shared by a supporter on social media outlets.

“Every Wednesday for the last month or so we’ve been releasing teaser trailers of our video,” Marie Foster, Purdue North Central’s Director of Advancement said. “And when we release the full video on April 14 we need as many people as possible to share our #iampnc video as we can get, and spread the word about, our Day of Giving on April 29.”

The theme attached to the month-long event is “Impact the Region. Give to PNC”, and that’s what Foster is hoping for.

“Together we can have a big impact,” she said. “Education is so important and we’re creating tomorrow's leaders here today. The success of all our students and alumni means the success of our cities, towns, and communities.”

La Porte Mayor Blair Milo was also on hand to speak to the crowd of students, alumni, and faculty.

“Purdue North Central has been a huge part of my life,” she said. “It’s such an important tool and asset for us in the region. As we continue to grow our communities this institution is so vital to that growth, and to give back is going to build on that work and only make this region a better, happier place. PNC is a part of who we are individually and collectively.”

Along with the Purdue Day of Giving and the video launch and share campaign are a couple other fun events that will get people involved and excited about helping PNC. First, from April 1-8 is a Community Clues Contest where clues will be shared on social media as well as placed around Valparaiso, Michigan City, La Porte, and Westville for people to find and answer. Then, from April 8-14 is the PNC Scavenger Hunt where clues will be found around the North Central campus. Answers can be submitted to alumni@pnc.edu, and if you’re correct you will be entered into a drawing for daily prizes. Among the prizes are hats, shirts, and even Chicago Cubs tickets. Full instructions can be found at the Purdue North Central Facebook page.