Purdue Northwest Public Relations Firm Elects CEO

Purdue Northwest Public Relations Firm Elects CEO

This week, Adam Davis was announced CEO of Region Communication Solutions. The RCS board of directors elected Davis to lead the team through a communication audit for a local client.

RCS is a non-for-profit, student-led public relations firm dedicated to providing excellent communication services to their clients. The firm is associated with Purdue University Northwest and is overseen by PNW alumnus, Deanna Francoeur-Schmidt. The class seeks to examine the effectiveness of a company’s communication between its internal and external publics.

On Tuesday, Sept. 12, Davis and three other candidates were given time to present their qualifications for the CEO position and visions for the firm.

Following a well-executed election process, the board of directors cast their votes. Davis was ultimately announced as CEO for RCS.

“I didn’t think I would be elected, honestly,” Davis said, “but it puts our company in a good position. Our class will have executive VP positions filled with people who would otherwise be qualified to hold CEO.”

Davis brings years of communication experience to the table for RCS. Outside of his work for the firm, he is currently the vice president of the PR club at PNW. He also formerly managed the social media for Bethel Church in Crown Point, Indiana for more than two years.

Moving forward, Davis will begin putting together his executive team and will be tasked with overseeing all aspects of the firm. He will ultimately ensure that RCS conducts a smooth and effective communication audit. The firm is currently searching for a client.

“I want to make Region Communication Solutions a good name for classes to come,” Davis said.

To learn more about Davis and the services he and his firm will provide, visit www.regioncomsolutions.wixsite.com/regioncs, or send an e-mail to regioncomsolutions@gmail.com.