Purdue TAP Expands Displaced Worker Green Training

By: Contributor Last Updated: May 22, 2012

PurdueLogoPurdue University's Technical Assistance Program (TAP) and the Indiana Department of Workforce Development have announced new sessions of a training program designed to give unemployed, underemployed and dislocated workers the knowledge and tools necessary for 21st century manufacturing jobs.

Purdue's Frontline Green Worker Certificate will be offered at the state's WorkOne centers through June. The new sessions will include the first training offered in Indianapolis, June 13-15.

Participants learn sustainable manufacturing practices that deliver cost savings while improving the environment. They also earn an industry-recognized credential that makes them valuable to employers for green jobs in all sectors.

Training is provided at no cost to qualified workers through a U.S. Department of Labor State Energy Sector Partnership grant.

The accreditation is based on Purdue's nationally recognized Green Enterprise Development (GreenED) curriculum, used by community colleges, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Manufacturing Extension Partnership centers, the Blue Green Alliance, trade unions and other organizations in 16 states.

Like the GreenED program, the Frontline Green Worker Certificate training will be backed by an exam from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.

Participants learn practices such as water conservation, air pollution reduction, solid waste management, toxic waste minimization and energy management. The courses use case studies and simulations to provide students with real-world situations.

The program includes a half-day Green Generalist online training, two and a half days of Frontline Green Worker workshops, and a half-day exam.

After the first three sessions were offered in Lafayette, South Bend and Plainfield, 96 percent of participants passed the exam and earned the SME Frontline Green Worker certificate.

"This project, in collaboration with the state workforce team and the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, gives Indiana workers skills that are meaningful and attractive to the manufacturing sector," said Dave Snow, director of TAP's Manufacturing Extension Partnership. "We also provide Indiana companies with a pool of workers trained to help them meet new environmental goals."

Companies interested in hiring participants should contact Abbey Maddy at Purdue TAP, 317-275-6820, amaddy@purdue.edu