Rain Barrels Available for Delivery

By: Recycling & Waste Reduction District of Porter County Last Updated: May 16, 2014

recycling-waste-reduction-district-of-porter-countyThe Recycling and Waste Reduction District of Porter County has partnered with the Porter County Parks and Recreation Department and the county’s Storm Water Quality Management - MS4 to serve as an ongoing connection for reasonably priced, upcycled rain barrels that anyone can purchase.

Visit the District’s website, www.ItMeansTheWorld.org, to find a link to a landing page on the website of Upcycled Products Inc. The page allows anyone to conveniently choose from a variety of rain barrels and accessories and place an order to be delivered and/or installed by Upcycle.

Besides being a great value, these particular barrels are upcycled. After serving their primary purpose of transporting olives and pickles overseas, the emptied containers were diverted from the waste stream where they would have ultimately ended up in a landfill, and modified to collect rain water.

By purchasing upcycled items, demand for new molded plastic containers is reduced.

Rain barrels can add several long-term benefits to the community such as saving residents money, while avoiding runoff that can be detrimental to local water sources. According to the EPA, use of a rain barrel can save 1,300 gallons of water throughout the summer.

Rich Hudson, MS4 county coordinator and Porter County Parks and Recreation Board President stated, “We have used a variety of methods for storm water collection over the years. The rain barrels are the most functional and look much nicer than alternative methods.”