Rain, Sleet, or Shine, Johnny On The Spot Caters to the Elements

Rain, Sleet, or Shine, Johnny On The Spot Caters to the Elements
By: Kayla Belec Last Updated: January 4, 2019

When nature calls, it’s pretty tough to ignore it. Plus, when a career in construction requires you to be out in the elements, that call can make for a lot of unnecessary complications, safety risks, and plain old frustration. Whether you're gearing up for a speedy home remodel or a major commercial construction project, providing workers with portable restroom facilities is vital for maintaining a safe and efficient job site.

Luckily, Johnny On The Spot serves construction sites throughout Northwest Indiana and Illinois, and they have a wide array of products available to suit all your commercial sanitary needs.

While the easy access of a portable restroom may seem less important the rest of a construction site’s demands, it actually plays a big role in the safety and overall efficiency of a site. Aside from the mere convenience of a JOTS portable restroom, there are several advantages to having one on hand.

Here are just a few benefits to having portable restroom facilities available on construction sites: 

Increased Productivity: Construction project managers can attest to this: every minute your crew doesn't spend working puts you at risk of falling behind schedule. One of the leading causes of that lost time? Off-site bathroom breaks. Simply put, having facilities on-site can help keep your project on schedule and your crew on their A-game. 

Improved Safety Conditions: Safety hazards come with the territory in the construction field. When workers leave the site to answer nature’s call, they run the risk of injury crossing streets and hazardous areas of the job site. Workers also run the risk of facing decrepit or filthy restroom facilities; even worse, some may prefer to avoid seeking out an off-site facility altogether. Securing a portable restroom from Johnny On The Spot will ensure that your site remains free of harmful bacteria. 

Cost Savings: It’s a win-win--portable restroom rental companies like JOTS also handle the waste disposal and sanitation for you, saving you a great deal of time, energy, and money. In addition, portable restrooms also take up very little space, and they can be set up quickly and at a much lower cost than other options.

Code Compliance: If nothing else will convince you, this one will. Many area municipalities require construction project managers to provide workers with restroom facilities. Portable restroom rentals are an excellent solution for keeping your job site in compliance with the law.

If you need construction site toilets and sanitation services, Johnny On The Spot is your answer. Visit their website to view their full list of services.