Rainbow International Snowbird Checklist

By: Contributor Last Updated: November 14, 2012

What is a snowbird? Who is a snowbird? Click here to learn!

  • Snowbird-ChecklistBring in anything located outdoors that may blow around in a heavy wind storm.
  • Make sure any food items that could rot or draw bugs are thrown away.
  • Leave garage door opener on kitchen countertop at easy to find spot.
  • Set hot water heater to low or off setting.
  • Make sure all curtains and blinds are closed to prevent anyone from seeing inside.
  • Set thermostat to AC no higher than 78 degrees to prevent mold growth. If humidistat is installed set to 20-40% relative humidity.
  • Pull furniture away from the walls and pull out loose cushions on couches and chairs. This allows air circulation that will retard mold and mildew.
  • Check or have someone check your plumbing system for leaks. Look for wet areas or water stains in your kitchen, bathroom and laundry areas.
  • Make sure all windows are closed and locked. Place security bars in sliding doors. Close all blinds, draperies and awnings.
  • Leave ceiling fans on low to promote air circulation. Cover furniture with dust covers.
  • Consider having duplicates of your medications in both locations.
  • Unplug all electronic devices that do not need to run while you are away.
  • Pour a diluted mix of water and bleach down all drains and toilets before covering with plastic wrap. Do not forget the washing machine drain.
  • Run ice cubes through your garbage disposal.
  • Then flush with baking soda and water followed by spraying with WD-40 and putting the stopper in place.
  • Place ant traps near piping or where pipe holes exist in the flooring or wall.
  • Inspect or have your roof inspected for damage or leaks.
  • Verify all sprinkler heads are working properly and cycle times are correct for season.
  • Find a trustworthy neighbor or home watch company and leave a house key with them so they can inspect every so often.
  • Thoroughly clean all appliances. Don’t forget the toaster, toaster oven and range, including oven and broiler, as well as burners and drip pans.
  • Turn on security system.