Random Acts of Kindness: 90-100

By: Flanagins Bulk Mail Service Last Updated: April 15, 2014

Scatter-KindnessIt’s hard to believe the 100 day challenge is over.

First I want to thank all the participants from the bottom of my heart for helping me scatter kindness. It was fun, interesting and far less a challenge than I first thought it would be.

I hope you enjoyed and please keep the ripple effect going.

Day 100
What a winter this was! Great job to all the snow plowers out there and especially to the two guys in our small town who did a good job this winter. This last snow we had in March I saw them out as usual so I stopped in the restaurant and paid for their breakfast and left their favorite box of Girl Scout cookies.

Day 99
Yesterday I purchased sleeping bags for two young students who received tuition assistance to attend our Winter Nature Camp.

The girls have faced a number of challenges in their young lives. Despite adversity, they are good students and enthused about learning. It has been so cold out lately and I know that they do not own sleeping bags.

I’m hopeful that by surprising them with their very own sleeping bags, that they will have a memorable experience that will reinforce their desire to keep exploring, learning and growing.

Day 98
No response no activity

Day 97
Today was shopping day, and I had to return a ton of our plastic bottles because they were really beginning to pile up. (Where we live, we return the glass and plastic bottles by putting them in a special recycling machine at the supermarket, and get quite a lot of money back.)

Anyway, after putting the last bottle in the machine, I pushed the button to get my ‘money back’ ticket. I put it in my wallet next to my debit card so I wouldn’t forget to give it to the cashier at the checkout, but then I decided I could just leave it on the machine instead, and maybe this little ticket could cheer up someone else’s day.

I did keep my eyes open afterwards to see if I could catch a glimpse of who got the ticket, but I never actually saw who it was. I like to imagine that it made him or her smile.

Day 96
I know I already sent you my RAK but your blog has inspired me to continue.

Yesterday our neighbor three doors down posted on facebook that she hadn’t shoveled her walk yet. They have a plow service for the driveway but not the walkway so the postman will deliver their mail. She has cancer and her husband is in the hospital where they are trying to save his foot. He has been in there since before Christmas. He is a diabetic. They are not elderly but they are a bit reclusive and only through fb do we communicate.

I replied that I would be over after work. She posted No she would be fine. I thought about respecting her wishes. I even ran an errand after work but in the end my youngest and I cleared her walkway for her. Hoping we were doing the job to her specifications.

When she came home she was delighted. For now instead of shoveling she could take a sub (grinder) to her husband for a dinner treat.

It took us 15 minutes, maybe. It would have taken her a lot longer and it would have exhausted her. We will clear her walkway after each storm from now on. Truly how could we not.

Day 95
A good friend in my Rotary has had serious health issues. He has been homebound for three months now. He can have visitors but is hooked up to machines that are cleaning his blood.

My daughter and I drove over to visit him for a few hours. It was very good to see my friend and I know it made his day to have visitors. He said he was so excited that we were coming. He showered and dressed in something other than pajamas for the first time in days.

Day 94
Dearest Donna,

Be it that every day is a day of giving. Be it big or small. I like buying flowers for a complete stranger, just cause I can. I like giving smiles to every person that passes my way.

God Bless xo

Day 93
I’ve been meaning to thank you for the great “scatter kindness cards”! They are so beautiful, and I’ve really enjoyed giving them out! I have one more left in my purse!

After I gave my first one away to a store clerk, I remember what you said about how some people were like, “Um, are you wanting me to join your cult?” Ha! That store clerk looked at me the same way–kinda suspiciously! Then I quickly said, “I just really appreciate all of the help you gave me today. You went above and beyond to help me (and she had), and it really means a lot. I just wanted to thank you.

So since then, I’ve been a little more careful in who I pick to give them to, and try to establish a decent rapport w/ them so they don’t think I’m soliciting them in some weird way! It’s worked out really well!

We had a great waitress the other night at dinner w/ the kids, and when I handed the card to her w/ the bill and tip, I saw her read it. She stopped us at the door and had tears in her eyes. She said, “Thank you so much for that card! I am going to put it up on my mirror at home. I’ve been having a rough few weeks, and you made my day!”

It made me soooo happy to hear that her spirits were lifted… I love doing that kind of thing, and I try to do it when I can–buying someone’s meal anonymously, donating money, taking the kids to help a needy family at Christmas, or going in to our Pediatrician’s office and help pay down a family’s bill that had two sick kids and a parent in the hospital w/ leukemia… It just makes me so happy to do those things for people.

Day 92
A couple days ago we got 9 inches of snow overnight.

After clearing my sidewalk and driveway, I shoveled both neighbor’s sidewalks and driveways

When Donna asked me to be a part of this challenge I couldn’t think of what to do so I bought a lottery ticket and gave it away to a random stranger.

It turned out to be worth a million dollars!!

Just kidding – APRIL FOOLS. Just seeing who is actually paying attention :-)

Day 91
My sister visits me every Christmas. She is a very active, athletic person. In fact, I envy her sticking to her program, staying so slim and healthy.

During her recent stay I surprised her with two sessions with my personal trainer. She was delighted. I probably derived as much happiness as she did.

Day 90
I have been in jewelry industry for over 32 years and at the most glorious time of the year I spend most of my time working making dreams come true. Although the hours are long it’s extremly gratifiying being a part of so many people’s Christmas memories.

This year I was blessed with a memory that will have a special place in my heart forever. I was quickly approaching the day we wait for all year round…..Christmas!! My feet were aching but the adrenaline of seeing my children kept my spirit going. A group of my close friends came in to my work and surprised me at the end of my shift and took me out for a pizza. As we were talking I mentioned that I had been working so many hours I did not get a chance yet to prepare my Christmas dinner for my children. I asked the group for some easy recipes that would have a homemade taste but would not take to long to prepare. They bounced all sorts of fabulous ideas around. I had a plan the next night I was going to the grocery store and put my plan in action.

I went to work as usual and was greeted with a Christmas surprise. My friend Pat Haman and her children went to the store that night, prepared everything the rest of the girls mentioned and delivered it right to my office! My eyes filled with tears seeing the children so happy to make someone’s Christmas so special. This is what the season is all about and I thank God every day for the people who show his love to the world! I’m so grateful to be the reciepent of such wonderous love. Thank you Pat Haman for being my Christmas angel!!!