Random Acts of Kindness: Days 80-89

Scatter-KindnessThese Acts of Kindness are in the participants own words and the only purpose of this challenge was to scatter kindness.

Day 80
No response, no activity

Day 81
My mom and I paid some layaway off at Christmas doing so anonymously

Day 82
No response no activity

Day 83
Today, to the delight of 1st graders, I sat at their table for lunch. I am a teacher and don’t often get (or make) the time to go down to the cafeteria during the school day.

Today, I saw an empty chair at a lunch table of some pretty quiet little students. I simply asked if I could join them for lunch. All their faces lit up with excitement. We talked about what we each had brought for lunch, the weather, hair accessories, and recent theatre movies.

It was refreshing having time to spend with my students just being able to converse with them on a personal level, not as a teacher. What I thought would be something fun and add a twist in their lunchtime, ended up bringing a smile.

I felt like skipping down the hall all the way back to my classroom.

Day 84
So, yesterday, I decided I was going to complete my RAOK so I wouldn’t forget about it. We have changed over database software, and it has been challenging. It will turn out well in the end the learning curve is still happening.

Sue has taken the brunt of all of it. She has to do the most daily in the system. Yesterday, I decided I would help her out and I did all her mailing for her while she was working in the new database. I put stamps on all the mail, recorded all the postage on the postage log and took all the mail to the mailbox down the street. I just wanted to alleviate one thing she had to do at the close of the day.

She has been working really hard at learning this new system.

Day 85
No response no activity

Day 86
While leaving for work I passed a neighbor hand shoveling his driveway. It was 14 degrees and bitter cold winds. I waved as I passed and then stopped, backed up and asked if he would like me to make a couple of passes on his driveway with my plow. He smiled, nodded and it took 5 minutes out of my day to help a neighbor.

Day 87
When I went for a walk the other day with Mona in the buggy I happened to come across a lady that approached me asking if I had a minute. She was a Jehova´s witness and normally I would say: “Thanks, but I´m very busy…” and go. This time I thought I would listen to her, try to be interested and more open. We were chatting for a while and I noticed that she was very happy about the fact, that she had found somebody who paid attention to her.

…Now, we are all Jehova´s witnesses and go there every Sunday – Just kidding. We didn´t join up with them, but I´m happy that I might have made her day and she might have felt that she fulfilled her duty to go out and preach.

Day 88
Thanks for including me on this. ?? I hope my act of kindness counts as a “random”.

I was out visiting the in-laws with my husband and daughter. While at breakfast yesterday, I overheard my father-in-law trying to figure out what foods to provide for his Fall Harvest gathering. He was talking about pies and that he didn’t want to spend $20/pie because he needed 3. So, I offered make him 3 apple pies (one is sugar free-because he is diabetic.) I baked them up yesterday. ??

Day 89
This morning I went to breakfast with my husband at Round the Clock. They sat us in the little room with two long tables full of older gentlemen meeting and having their weekly breakfast. My husband and I decided how cool it would be to pay for their breakfasts and then leave before they finished the “men gossiping”. I so enjoy doing that. I don’t have a lot of money but I have heat, a roof over my head and sooner or later with my hard work I will get all my bills paid off. I hope everyone of those gentlemen go out and pay it forward.

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