Random Things 3

This is a $5 mug I bought with and for my best friend Jenny and a matching one for me too. It says "Let the Peace of Christ rule in your hearts." Colossians 3:15 I need that peace. One of my "Life (with toddler) Rules" is to CHOOSE Peace. Boy is that hard. Choosing to BE peace amidst the chaos is a struggle for me, but I know my deepest friend is doing the same thing. And we are appreciating the beauty of this mug in the morning despite the distance between our houses.


My big girl holding my little big girl and singing her bedtime songs was comically precious.

Weird little kid things: If you cannot tell what that is(in my little GIRL'S Buzz Lightyear underpants), I am shore not s'plaining it.

PK started Preschool, and they bring these buckets to and fro each day...I cannot wait to post about my sudden maternal struggles with decorating that sucker.

This is Gentleman Jim. He is often found in our YMCA lobby playing his harmonica! Since my Dad plays for the girls every week, they get a big kick out of Mr. Jim's tunes. We might have had a dance party in the YMCA lobby yesterday.

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