Randy Santel Takes On the Industrial Revolution Burger Challenge

Randy Santel Takes On the Industrial Revolution Burger Challenge

Industrial Revolution Eatery & Grill kicked off a busy Friday night with visit from Randy Santel, a Competitive Eating Champion and bodybuilder who came to town to take on the Industrial Revolution 5lb Burger Challenge. As he passed through the Region, Santel made a stop at the restaurant for two things: a delicious meal and a restaurant record!

The Industrial Revolution 5lb Burger Challenge is a monster of a meal! It’s one pound of Mom’s Famous Double Shift Pot Roast layered between four 1-pound burger patties with American Cheese on an Industrial Revolution bun and a side of potato wedges. The deal is, if one finishes the monster burger in under an hour, it’s free.

That’s exactly what Santel set out to do Friday night. The Missouri native is a college student studying to get his second degree and is also the founder and owner of FoodChallenges.com, a website focusing on the restaurant challenges around the world. Santel has won over 541 food challenges in 46 different states and 20 countries around the world.

The Industrial Revolution Eatery & Grille was his next stop. While Santel made the trip to beat the Burger Challenge record, he also came to the Region to surprise a fan with a severe heart condition for his birthday.

For this challenge, Santel’s goal wanted to beat the previous record of just under 23 minutes. As the challenge began, the crowd was on his side, rooting and cheering him as he prepared to eat the monster burger. Santel’s technique is a bit different than one would expect. He asked for 2 waters, no ice, and one diet soda. He also used his zero gravity headphones to assist him in his focus and kneelt on the floor instead of using a chair.

When the timer went off, Santel started with a fury. He headed straight for the beef patties, cooked medium rare just as he had asked. He finished the patties around the 5 minute mark and immediately started on the pot roast. Santel’s actions were completely mechanic and he was definitely eating for a purpose: to win.

And win he did. Santel’s incredible finishing time was just over 12 minutes, meaning he not only beat previous records but he cut the record almost in half!

When asked how he felt, Santel exclaimed, “I feel just fine and my friend was right, this food is really good!”

Industrial Revolution Eatery & Grille’s Burger Challenge is not for the faint of heart; many have taken the challenge, but only few have prevailed. However, Randy Santel took the challenge, and after an impressive competition and show of support for a dedicated fan, he will hold the record going forward and, most likely, for sometime.

For more information about Industrial Revolution Eatery & Grille, go to www.industrialrevolutioneatery.com.