Real Estate Agent and Champion of Animal Adoption Hits 3,000 Homes Sold, 3,000 Dogs Adopted

Real Estate Agent and Champion of Animal Adoption Hits 3,000 Homes Sold, 3,000 Dogs Adopted

For those who are dog owners, it’s hard to imagine your home without your pup bounding up to you as you walk in the door, or cuddled up in the living room.

For Jeanne Sommer of Lakeshore Paws & Century 21 Alliance, a new dog and a new home go hand-in-hand, and she’s done more than her part to spread both around.

Sommer is a broker and owner at Century 21 Alliance Group, and is also the Executive Director of Lakeshore PAWS, a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing abandoned pets. This year, Lakeshore PAWS has reached a record-setting number of 750 adoptions for 2017, adding to their whopping total of 3,000 dogs adopted since they opened in April 2011. By serendipity, 3,000 is also the total of number of houses Sommer has sold since she began her career in real estate 26 years ago.

“Because of our great volunteers we are able to adopt so many dogs out and give them the second chance they deserve,” Sommer said. “As far as real estate, Century 21 Alliance Group has grown, and I am privileged to work with so many great agents.”

Sommer said Lakeshore PAWS’ flourishing programs have contributed to the unprecedented number of adoptions this year. Junior Paws is one of these, where children socialize with adoptive dogs and learn more about taking care of them; this program has doubled since it began two years back. Another new facet of the organization is the fospice program, where senior dogs are given to foster families to live the rest of their days in the comfort of a loving home. Lakeshore PAWS also has convenient volunteer sessions where people can come in and spend a half-hour walking or playing with one of their adoptable pets.

Naturally, Century 21 Alliance Group always supports Lakeshore PAWS work in the community, stepping up as a Grand Champion sponsor for this year’s Pup Crawl fundraising event, and always making a shout out to adopt from Lakeshore PAWS.

“One of the big highlights for Lakeshore Paws is the fact that we are growing so quickly,” Sommer said. “We have a handful of new programs that are not only helping our animals, but bringing so many amazing new people to the organization.”

Call The Jeanne Sommer Team at 219-462-2090 EXT 210 for information on becoming a homeowner and call Lakeshore Paws at 219-476-PAWS (7297) for more info on all of the wonderful pups who’d love to join you in your new place!

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