Refresh your day with these yummy Blackbird drinks

Refresh your day with these yummy Blackbird drinks

There is no better feeling than a nice cold drink on a hot summer's day. A good drink can change anyone’s mood in an instant. The refreshing splash of flavor regenerates the taste buds. Well, Blackbird has everyone covered with a variety of ice-cold drinks for any time of the day.

Blackbird has a selection of 13 different iced coffees to start the day right. Not only do they have a selection of many iced coffees to choose from the menu, but there is also a customizable option that Blackbird provides to those who know exactly what they want. 

Salted Caramel Brownie Iced Latte

Blackbird also makes specialty drinks like their Salted Caramel Brownie Iced latte. A salted caramel brownie iced latte is a mocha latte with caramel, salted cold foam, and topped with chocolate chips. Another specialty drink at Blackbird is their iced Horchata latte. This iced latte is packed with flavor, the ingredients include sweetened condensed milk, vanilla, almond roca, espresso, coconut milk, and cinnamon powder. 

For the people who do not like coffee, there are plenty of non-coffee options as well. 

Blackbird is bringing the fall season all year round with the Iced Apple Pie Chai. The iced apple pie chai is a chai tea mixed with apple juice, cinnamon, and nutmeg. This mixture of ingredients makes for an amazing drink that is bound to make it feel like fall. Blackbird also can make a tea that feels like summer in a cup. 

The Sweet Iced Tea at Blackbird is the perfect drink to have when it is hot outside. 

There is also a great selection of fruity sodas and machas. The very berry matcha is iced matcha with blueberry syrup, raspberry syrup, and milk creating an explosion of refreshing berry sweetness. There is also the pomegranate sprite to mix up the day. This drink is a basic sprite but mixed in with pomegranate syrup to make it a whole new drink to enjoy on a hot day.

Another drink that is great to have in the heat is a smoothie. Blackbird has a variety of smoothie options including strawberry, banana, mango, and blueberry. These smoothies are blended with apple juice and yogurt to give them that extra sweetness. Blackbird also makes a special smoothie called the nutty monkey. This smoothie is a banana smoothie mixed with honey, peanut butter, flax seed, and soy milk. 

Enjoy these drinks anywhere and everywhere. Get an iced coffee early in the morning to start the Monday off right and end the day with a refreshing pomegranate sprite that is bound to make the taste buds happy. Or enjoy sipping a nice ice-cold sweet tea while shopping at all the local small businesses in downtown Valparaiso on a hot day. No matter where the day goes, blackbird has a refreshing drink for that occasion. 

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