Region Dog Park Roundup

Region-Dog-Parks-01It’s no secret that man’s best friend can use a place to run off some energy. Dog parks are getting easier to find and with the Region creating fun spaces for every member of the family, even the four legged ones, these parks offer a fantastic place to take your pooch for socializing and playtime.

Many of these Bark Parks feature obstacles, special fountains, and large fenced areas for free running. Giving many dogs the opportunity to make some new friends, it’s no wonder these parks are becoming such a popular attraction for dog owners. With so many being created, it only made sense to gather them up in one place!

Here’s some details about dog parks throughout Northwest Indiana:

Lake County:

Region-Dog-Parks-02Lemon Lake Dogwood Run
Located in Cedar Lake, this off-leash dog park has two separate 7 acre sections which allows for alternate use and regrowth of the grasses and plants. Do some homework, though, as a Pooch Pass is required for each pup running the grounds.

Hammond’s Amy Park Dog Park
This brand new park in Hammond has a ton of space for the dogs to run around and some agility obstacles as well! This fenced space is conveniently located close to the highways, too!

Wicker Memorial Dog Park
This grassy park in Highland has benches for the humans to relax on! It’s warned that the dog park may get a bit muddy from time to time, but pups love to run at this spacious location.

Freedom Bark Park
Lowell may not seem like the place to head for a dog park, but guess again! Their Freedom Bark Park contains a pavilion and plenty of seating for humans, as well as a spacious area for pups. This park even provides a digging pit for the more curious and rambunctious dogs!

Porter County:

Region-Dog-Parks-03Coco’s Canine Cabana
As an indoor dog park, Coco’s boasts one huge benefit: no mud! For someone looking to occupy a pup in Valparaiso on a rainy day or during colder weather, this is a great option!

Canine Country Club
Located in Valparaiso and not far from the Porter County Fairgrounds, this dog park has five fenced acres for dogs to run in! The property contains a gazebo, drinking water, and a separate area for smaller dogs.

Portage Dog Park
Located at Woodland Park, the Portage Dog Park has two sections, one for dogs under 35 pounds and one for larger breeds. With a large grassy area for dogs to run in, it’s a great option not far from the highway!

La Porte County:

Region-Dog-Parks-04Creek Ridge County Park
Located in Michigan City, this park brings three acres of off-leash exercise areas to the table. It also contains obstacles for the agile dogs looking for a bit of fun or training.

Bluhm County Park
The Bark Park in Westville features agility equipment on which dogs and owners can train. Additionally, it’s fully fenced and has drinking fountains and benches!

Luhr County Park
While this one-acre dog park in La Porte is smaller than some of the others, it doesn’t make it any less amazing for any visiting pup! As a smaller park, it’s great for smaller dogs and those that require closer supervision!