REGIONAL Federal Credit Union Supporting Food Bank of NWI with Fall Charity Fundraiser

Regional-Food-Bank-NWIREGIONAL Federal Credit Union is committed to serving and helping those in Northwest Indiana, and this month they’ve partnered with another caring organization, the Food Bank of NWI, to help those in The Region who need it the most.

REGIONAL has set up donation boxes in their branches, each with unique designs to them, and are encouraging members to donate whatever they can, as every little donation can add up to make a big difference.

“REGIONAL has been supporting Food Bank of NWI for over 15 years in one form or another,” VP of Marketing and Business Development, Kevin Kosek, told IIMM. “We ask the members to donate $1 or any spare change they may have to the cause. These organizations like the Food Bank of NWI couldn’t be happier with our members’ efforts.”

And REGIONAL is proud to have members who time-in-and-time-out step up to the challenge of making a positive difference in the Northwest Indiana community.

“We continuously hit our goals for these organization,” added Kosek. “Our members and the team here at REGIONAL understand that the Food Bank of NWI play a crucial role in keeping families fed. Our fundraising efforts are just one our members can show our support.”

It’s all about the community at REGIONAL, and Kosek adds, this Fall Charity Fundraiser is a great example of a community coming together; not only in the support from REGIONAL and its members, but through the hard work of the Food Bank of NWI in taking those donations and putting them to a positive use.

“Our family of members here would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the staff and volunteers for their hard work and dedication to all those families that need and count on them for the invaluable service they provide every day,” said Kosek.

The fundraiser will be running through October 3. For a list of branches, click here.