Regional Plumbing Heating and Air Employee Spotlight: Joel Sheets

Regional Plumbing Heating and Air Employee Spotlight: Joel Sheets

Over two decades of experience in the plumbing and air industries mean that Joel Sheets knows quite a bit about what makes a good workplace. That knowledge helped lead him to Regional Plumbing Heating and Air about a year ago.

Sheets is RPHA’s Lead Service Technician. Like any other tech, he is usually out in the field doing repairs, finishing installations, and generally making sure every customer is satisfied. On occasion, if RPHA owners Mike and Audrey Krooswyk are out, he steps in to coordinate the day’s schedules. Sheets has known the Krooswyk’s for a long time, so when he was looking for a new company to join, he knew that he could trust RPHA.

“It just comes down to the owners. They’re really understanding, caring people,” Sheets said. “They take an interest in all of their employees, what they have going on both at work and home.”

With so many tasks in his day-to-day, Sheets keeps busy. Yet that is also part of what he finds so appealing about his career.

“My favorite aspect of my work is that I’m never at the same jobsite every day,” he said. “I like the ability to travel around, it really keeps things interesting. On any given day I could be visiting Lowell to Knox, to La Porte in the course of a day.”

A combination of investments into their team and personal effort help make his and the other tech’s jobs easier. With his years of experience, Sheets has worked under a number of managers and knows how rare it is to find a pair like Mike and Audrey.

“Anything that comes up, they’re really understanding for things like family functions and stuff for our kids,” Sheets said. “Even Mike, when I was on vacation last week, jumped in my van and ran some service calls himself on top of everything he had to do in his day to day. He has no issue helping out and getting his hands dirty if needed.”

Another key for Sheets is RPHA’s emphasis on communication and organization, something he was happy to help build and expand when he joined the team.

“I like to keep things organized and to stay as methodical as possible,” he said. “We want to make sure that there’s no difference between me walking into somebody’s house or any of our other techs. Fostering that culture of everybody’s work being at the same level is a pretty big deal to me.”

Outside of work, Sheets is big on staying involved with the community, something he is glad to share with the Krooswyk’s. He is also very active in his church and plays a lot of slow pitch softball.

“Softball is kind of my release from the day-to-day, I’ve been playing for a long time and I’m getting older and slower” he joked. “We’re starting to get to the point where I’m enjoying watching my son play baseball more than I am running around!”

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