Regional Plumbing Heating and Air offers Respicaire virus-eliminating air purifiers

Regional Plumbing Heating and Air offers Respicaire virus-eliminating air purifiers

Cleanliness is at the top of everyone’s mind these days thanks to COVID-19. Many are stocking up on cleaning products like wipes, bleach, and various sprays to sanitize all their household surfaces – but these products leave out one big part of your home, the air.

Regional Plumbing Heating and Air is offering a special way to purify the air in your home – Respicaire Indoor Air Solutions. Offering air purifiers, specialized filters and even germicidal UV systems, Respicaire products are a state-of-the-art way to keep your home’s air free of unwanted particles. Regional Plumbing Heating and Air only offers these products because they successfully tested them themselves.

“We started offering Respicaire products after realizing how many of our customers needed relief from various allergies and diseases,” said Joel Sheets, Operations Manager at Regional Plumbing Heating and Air. “These products were vetted in our own homes in order to attest to the efficacy of each device.”

As a community-first business, Regional Plumbing Heating and Air understood their customer’s worries and how important is was to offer something like Respicaire in the midst of a pandemic.

“Many consumers are now spending more time at home, and many are finding that working from home will be a mainstay,” Sheets said. “They want to be able to create a safe and comfortable indoor environment, and to be assured that the air they are breathing is clean and free of contaminants.”

The most popular Respicaire options is the OXY 4 ® Air Purifier, which sterilizers the air to help eliminate molds, viruses, bacteria, odors, and other microbes.

“It’s 99 percent effective at killing airborne microorganisms, and will reduce odors, chemical volatile organic compounds, and gasses by 90 percent,” Sheets said. “It’s been scientifically proven to work on items such as; MRSA, E. Coli, Pneumoniae, and S. Aureus. It’s not yet certified to kill COVID-19, but it has been proven to kill other coronaviruses.”

Sheets installed an OXY 4 ® Air Purifier in his own home at the beginning of the pandemic, and saw that it brought a range of benefits on top of the extra anti-viral security.

“I noticed a sharp decrease in seasonal allergy events among my family this summer,” he said. “I also noticed a rapid elimination of things like cooking smells, and the smells of cleaning products after use. I’m a believer that this product does exactly as it claims.”

Regional Plumbing Heating and Air can also install Respicaire products in commercial buildings.

“It’s not exclusive to single family homes,” Sheets said. “Respicaire has solutions for structures like schools, daycares, and churches. I’d like to highlight that these products do need maintenance, and we recommend an annual visit to service and change the recommended components.”

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